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Love Beyond The Bars

ISBN-10: 0578456826

ISBN-13: 978-0578456829

A father hugs his young daughter and looks at her with assurance. He says to her: I love you beyond the bars.Many little girls go through the experience of an incarcerated loved one and imagine a better future.Love Beyond the Bars gives assurance to both parents and children that there is life beyond the uncomfortable experience of parental incarceration. It also teaches children about the timeless and unconditional love of a parent.

Identically Different It's An Oxymoron

ISBN-10 : 1735089621

ISBN-13 : 978-1735089621

Asa's teacher taught him all about oxymorons at school. He learned that an oxymoron is two or more side by side words with opposite meanings. He later found the perfect oxymoron to describe him and his brother Ace. Ace and Asa are "Identically Different." Follow the pair as they explore the differences and similarities of things they love the most and the beauty of oxymorons. Whether you are a twin or love twins, this story is awfully good!

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